I have recently realized that I am a web designer, without a finished website!! I appologize. I'm still not quite ready to put up all the content to the site, but I can at least provide a list of links to the other sites I have designed. (and finished!) I'm hoping this will give you a good idea of what I can do, and maybe distract you from noticing how unfinished this one is.

Garden of Beadin'
The Garden of Beadin'
(hereafter refered to as "The G.O.B.") is a small shop in Garberville, who sells beads all over the world. I have had the pleasure of working on all aspects of The G.O.B.. I began tending the till and worked my way on up to general know it all. Then one day, I have the misfortune (Doh!!) of breaking my ankle. The G.O.B. happens to be down a flight of stairs. They knew I stll needed to work and they were inthe process of having their site redone, so I became a web geek. I can not take all the credit for this site. It was programed by Brad Jenkins. I provided the graphic work for the front page, html for the tips and tools pages, keep the shows up to date and did most of the shopping cart. (Graphics, database, userfriendly html) This was my introduction to websites. I only crashed it once. :) I take no responsibility for anything else on this site.

Irie Boogie
My ultimate, favorite site so far!! This site was so much fun to make. My dear friend Garth, who owns Emerald Technologies, throws this awesome party every year. One of his favorite things is anything that glows, so I tried to incorporate glowies throughout his site. I know it a graphicaly demanding site, better suited for flash, but I was newby. Hopefuly, for 2008 Irie Boogie, I'll be able to blow everyone away with a cool flash site.

SolarWinds NorthernLights
This is an unfinished site, but very near completion. I'm just waiting on some more content.

Leggett Valley Unified Shool District
Who'd thought that one site would need so much updating!!

Humboldt Nutrients
My newest project!! Oh and I am so much in love with the art that Matt Beard did for these guys. I originaly had a completely different site built, but when I got the artwork, I had to redesign so that I used as much of Matts artwork as I could. As soon as I learn Flash(ha ha ha ha) I have bigger dreams for this site. I'm also looking forward to working with Matt's artwork again....SOON!! If you want to check out his site, it's beardart.com.